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Brandi is wonderful! She was recomended by a trusted friend when I had problems with my goldendoodle. My pup was basically out of control, she was anxious, chewing furniture legs,jumping on people and tugging (well, dragging me down the street) on the leash to get to other dogs. Brandi came in, and explained that I needed to guide and teach her how to behave, not be frustrated and just say NO all the time! Working with Brandi, and watching her work, is amazing! Learning how to help my dog, while understanding how much my behavior was affecting her is something I had never thought about. She worked with us on draining her energy properly to help her get ride of the anxious behavior, taught me how to walk her correctly,yes there is a way to help your dog walk, interact with other dogs, have fun and stay calm all at the same time! The time Brandi spent and the patience she had with my pup have made all the difference in the world. I can't thank my friend enough for letting me in on such a wonderful person and dog trainer (I had tried a few before) and I will always be grateful for the tools Brandi has given me to help my pup and I have a happy , stress free life. No more chewing or anxiety, and walks everyday are a key piece of information for me. I thought if I had a yard, lots of room, that wasn't important, turns out it is extremely important. I would and have recommended Brandi to anyone that brings up a problem with their four legged family member.

Thank you so much Brandi

Love Diane D.

Diane defrancisco

High Quality Dog Training for a Great Price

Investing in Brandi's dog training services was one of the best things I've ever done.

We have a 5 year old wiener dog with a passion for biting. Little did we know, we were ingraining all kinds of bad behavior into him and it wasn't his fault at all. He was basically running the show in the house and protecting us the best way he knew how.

Within only a few visits from Brandi our dog would sit and stay in one spot as long as we commanded him too. He is walking better and is slowly becoming more dog friendly. Can't wait to see how much better he'll be after three more sessions!

You can tell Brandi absolutely loves dogs. She's incredibly patient and always treats the dog with respect and understanding.

I will certainly hire Brandi to train any dogs I get in the future.


the best dog advacate there is

IMAG0803I have known Brandi for many years. She is a true animal lover. Brandi has searched for her calling for many years, the whole time it was staring her right in the face. Brandi is a natural with all animals. Through the years I have watched her rescue, save, feed, train, and love hundreds of animals. Her natural abilities allows her to understand and become one with the animal. Brandi truly understands a dogs behavior and can explain it in such away that a human can understand it. I have a lab, mastiff mix who at times can get overly excited, thanks to Brandi I now understand his excitement and behaviors. My dog is a much happier dog and is now living a balanced life. I have recommended Brandi to so many people to help with their dogs and I will continue to do so, she is truly amazing.

Brook Polfer

Disaster on a bike


Hi Brandi, you may not remember me (maybe you remember our boy Link) but you stopped while we were trying to teach our dog how to ride a bike with us. Obviously since we crashed several times while you watched, it wasn't going well. I wanted to thank you for taking the time to stop and help us. I can't imagine what could have happened had we continued to let him zig zag in front, back and everywhere. Thank you again so much.  It's a pleasure to bike him and a huge help to use the bike for exercise with all his energy. Link thanks you also.


Brandi guided me through the process of walking my two big labs-often a frustrating process of them barking at passing dogs, pulling to play with other dogs and completely disregarding my commands. Brandi taught me how to properly 'communicate' what I expect of them calmly and with amazing results. I look forward to our walks now and am so thankful for everything I've learned (and continue to learn) from Brandi! My whole pack is happier and healthier-and less frustrated for it!

Amy Doyle



On April 21st while visiting the petexpo, we fell in love with a 3 month old boxador brindle puppy and brought him home. His history per the rescue team was that he was found roaming the streets of Los Angeles and picked up by the pound to only be put on the euthanasia list due to having an infestation of fleas, ticks, and upper respiratory infection. Hearing that made me want him even more so I could given him a good home and the love that he deserved. We named him Diesel.
I've know Brandi for 6 years as my previous dog,Rascal, and her dog would play. Due to unfortunate circumstances Rascal was laid to rest and in turn a gift of Diesel,boxador, was placed into our life. I made a lot of mistakes with Rascal and taught him bad habits that he kept throughout his life. He loved to bark at the wind, eat the cat food, and pee on every tree he could during our walks. He wasn't a bad dog he just didn't know any better due to me being a overly affectionate owner, he ruled my life. Over the time of knowing Brandi and seeing her work with her own dog I knew who I would ask to help me mold my new puppy so I could tweek the bad behaviors I taught Rascal.
Let's start with the leash, I used to allow my previous dog to walk ahead of me and pull my arm out, basically, my walks weren't enjoyable and would get frustrating at times. Brandi brought over a training leash and showed me how to walk Diesel and the difference in my walks are amazing. Diesel being a 3 month old puppy you would think he would be all over the place and jumping and wanting to run but he is getting so good that before we step off of a curb I can slow down my pace and with out saying sit he will do it on his own. He also won't step into the street unless I go first. Diesel also can go up and down the stairs but sits and waits until I make the first move to go up or down. He also will not walk out or in the door until everyone goes first. The next struggle was getting him to not jump on me during feeding times.
Brandi showed me how to feed Diesel properly so he doesn't jump on me. We made a boundary where he sits outside of the kitchen and he literally waits at the edge of the carpet for his meal. Again, I don't have to say a word, he knows that when our eyes meet he is good to go and chows down. We've also been working on tricks, yeah, tricks at 3 months.
Diesel would give a bump of his nose to Brandis' hand so now I say bump it out with my fist and his nose touches my fist. I can get him to sit, stay, high five or ten and lay down. I'm currently working on roll over but that is taking some time.
One of the most important things that Brandi has taught me and my family is that consistency, patients, and energy are the defining points of making my dog the best dog he can be. It takes work and i'm not always perfect I forget at times to not use words and he looks at me like i'm crazy cause he isn't really understanding what I want. He is a puppy that I just want to love and snuggle on but that isn't going to benefit him in his future. If taking that extra 5 minutes to get him calm to sit or to not jump on me it will be worth it when he is 60lbs because he won't knock me or anyone else over. I don't want people to be scared of him because he is a big dog, I want them to see how great he is when he sits and lets a family walk by without pulling or barking and looking like a jumping bean. I truly believe that all dogs can be great regardless of the breed, it's the owner who has to take it in the own hands and be the leader of the pack. You get what you put into your dog.
Thank you Brandi for teaching me how to become that awesome and confident owner that I've always wanted to be I know I still have some more work to do but I'm ready and willing to take on any task because what you have taught me so far has worked!

with much appreciation,

Sasha and Diesel

Sasha and Diesel