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Many behavioral issues stem from a lack of proper communication, structure, consistency, and follow through between human and dog.  This consultation is where we will discover if this is in fact the issue.  If so, we will then provide you with knowledge and techniques to begin to guide your life with your dog in the right direction.

$145/1hr to 1.5hr

One on One in home Private Sessions

 This package is for everything from new puppies to dogs with mild to moderate behavioral problems.

For puppies and adult dogs with behavioral issues this is a comprehensive package that will be a game changer for every dog/puppy and owner.  Learn and implement a strong foundation that will transform your puppy/dog into a happy balanced calm dog while building a strong trusting relationship between you and your dog.

We teach you how to gently and confidently change your dogs perception of you and the world you guide them through.  We lay a strong foundation and build all of your obedience and manners into the training.  We DO NOT yank your dog around to get compliance!  We are huge on building relationships with our dogs through motivation, not fear.  We use a balanced approach and create a calm dog in order to teach your dog to make better choices on their own instead of becoming a robot or sitting in constant avoidance.

Start off on the right path from the beginning! Your puppy is never to young to start creating a balanced state of mind.  Most often owners do not have the tools to handle a puppy and by the time they are 6 months old they are off to a shelter due to bad behavior.  Start them off right from day one and enjoy a happy life with your soon grown dog!  A puppy needs to be introduced to life in a way that makes sense to them instead of creating uncertainty, mistrust, naughty behavior, fear, or anxiety.  We will help you guide and shape your puppy into the dog he/she was born to be.

$580/6 sessions

Single sessions

Single sessions are only for those who have a basic issue that can be resolved in one or two sessions.  This does not apply to dogs with behavioral issues.


Board and Train/Rehabilitation

When room allows, we take on only 1 or 2 board and train dogs at a time in order to devote the attention needed to each dog.  Any dog that comes into our board and train program for any is part of the family and treated as such.  We love and care for them along with creating the balance that they need and crave.  All packages include follow up lessons that run 45min per lesson..

1 week – $1200 – Training the foundation for, manners, basic ob, loose leash.  This is not for dogs who require behavior modification.  Includes 2 weekly follow up lessons. and one 45min lesson within the first month.

2 weeks – $2200 – Training manners, basic ob, working impulse control, behavior modification for the dog with minor behavioral issues such as jumping, chewing, etc.  Every week your dog spends with me the more solid each behavior becomes.  This makes it more easily maintained at home.  Includes 3 weekly follow up lessons and one 45min lessons within the first two months.

3 weeks – $3000 – Training manners, basic ob, impulse control, behavior modification for the dog with moderate behavioral issues such as adrenalized behavior, fear, anxiety, etc.  Includes 3 follow up lessons and one 45min lesson per month for 3 months.

4 weeks – $3200 – Training manners, basic ob, impulse control, behavior modification for the dog with more intense behavior issues such as leash reactivity, anxiety, fear, etc.  Includes 3 weekly follow up lessons and one 45min lesson per month for six months.

Day Training & socialization

When space is available we take in day training clients.  Together we will create goals for you and your dog, we lay the foundation for these goals.  Day training allows the client to have the benefit of the trainer teaching the dog the skills, while you will work with the dog at home on maintaining the training/work that was taught each day.  The benefit of this program is that the bulk/heavy lifting side of teaching/guiding a dog is done by a professional trainer.

Day Training – 10am – 5pm

5 day packages.  The days must be done consecutively to ensure the dog has the time he/she needs to properly absorb the information we are teaching.

5 days – $820.00

AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluation

When your dog or puppy is ready, we offer:

Canine Good Citizen, AKC Star Puppy, AKC Community Canine, and AKC Urban CGC Certification.


K9 Scent/Nose Work

If you have a dog that you feel would be great at nose work we would love to evaluate him/her.  Nose work can be an amazing job/outlet for your dog, wonderful for confidence building, mental drain and a fun exercise that builds and bonds the relationship between you and your K9.

6 week course – $500 Call for more information.

Boarding – We are not providing boarding at this time

This is for clients only.
Your dog has had to successfully completed one of the training programs to board with us.
Boarding includes maintaining training, manners, walks, and socialization.