Online Dog Behavior Course


Our online dog training course is what I teach every one of my clients in one on one private sessions.  It is the foundation needed to lead you down the path in obtain everything from basic obedience to helping your dog through dog/human reactivity, and more.

This is a four week video course that takes you step by step through training for YOU and your dog.  This is a behavior course which means we are not only teaching manners and obedience but creating a calm state of mind which leads to a dog being able to take direction much more clearly.  The goal is not only to have a relaxed well mannered dog but to also create a strong trusting relationship between you and your dog so you can have fun and enjoy time and experiences together.

This is an incredibly easy course to follow with HUGE results.  I look forward to helping you and your dog overcome the obstacles you are having.  Please feel free to call me and go over any questions you have regarding the course before signing up.

The following will be covered:

creating a calm happy dog

building a trusting relationship

crate training

food protocol


basic obedience

leash etiquette

rules and boundaries

impulse control

jumping and over excitement

rushing the door and your guests

and so much more.

When course becomes available you will be able to sign up here and we will email you a link to your first weeks video course within 24 hours.

Online course cost $145.00