Meet Your Head Trainer

We are very excited to announce Starting Dec. 1, 2017 we will be working from The Hounds Grounds. 

Please contact us there for all of your future training needs.


714) 375-3188


Brandi Bryant is one of Orange County’s highly influential Professional Dog Trainers.  She specializes in a balanced motivational approach and bridging the gap in communication between dogs and their humans in a way that not only creates a calm mannered happy dog, but also focuses on building a trusting relationship.  Combining a mix of what she has learned from some of the worlds top dog trainers along with her own experience and natural abilities, Brandi teaches dog lovers like you to build a positive relationship while creating a happy balanced dog.  She is  Conscious K9s Head Professional Dog Trainer and a highly sought after trainer in the dog community not only in Orange County but has Clients come from all over the US to work with her.

Brandi has been able to accomplish client goals and modify behavior with “difficult” cases where other trainers were unable to help.  She has been the go to for vets, rescues, and other trainers when they are unable to get through a rough spot with a dog.

Along with pet dog training Brandi also provides scent detection training in competition, bed bug detection, and more, Advanced level Obedience, and provides training for others wanting to pursue a dog training career.  Brandi also focuses on dog nutrition for the wellbeing and success of the whole dog.

Brandi has trained with, learned from, and taken courses with some of the worlds most accomplished and respected dog/animal trainers in everything from behavior, Service Dog, Therapy Dog, Scent Detection, Competition Obedience, Dogmanship, Flyball, agility and much more.

Mentorship Program

Dogmanship – Chad Mackin

Lorri Culpepper Shanks – foundation nose/scent/service dog

Perception Modification/Conditioned Relaxation – Kayce Cover

Susan Garrett – Recallers (purely positive training)

Jay Jack – Tug, Spring Pole, & everything in-between & Weight Pull for Relationship Development

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy – Scent Work and Detection

Nelson Hodges – Relationship Based Behavior Modification

Chad Mackin – Behavior Troubleshooting

Wendy Volhard – Nutrition

Ivan Balabanov – Competition Heeling, Chase and Catch, The Possession Game

Ring Sport Decoy


and more

I am a professional of the IACP  (International Association of Canine Professionals)

and an AKC Canine Good Citizen, AKC Star Puppy, AKC Community Canine, and AKC Urban CGC Evaluator