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Hi and welcome to Conscious K9,

My name is Brandi and I’m a Dog Trainer/Behaviorist in Orange County, California.  Over the years I’ve trained dozens of dogs and their owners on correcting behavior such as mouthing, jumping, reactivity, barking, leash pulling, insecurity, fear, anxiety and from generally wreaking havoc in and out of the home.

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The emphasis of my training is to teach you why your dog is behaving this way.  By addressing the underlying cause of their behavior, your dog will become happier and calmer, resulting in a healthy and fun relationship between you and your dog.

My services page covers a few standard packages that I offer.  But every dog and owner are different.  I’d love to learn more about you and your dog so we can find the right solution for your own personal

Ava_2situation.  Please call or email me and we can work together to modify your dogs behavior so you both get the peace, trust, respect, love, and happiness that you both deserve.